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Housing Options Provided for Seniors in Rhode Island

Fulfilling Seniors' Real Estate Needs

The purpose of Rhode Island Housing Options for Seniors is to educate, evaluate and serve our seniors in their housing needs. Our team of professionals will assist you in assessing the options available to help you stay at home, or if needed, to transition elsewhere.

What we do:
According to AARP research 8 out of 10 adults will experience future special housing needs. Successful aging in place is a process of taking stock of current and future needs, thinking through the options, evaluating the home and the community, developing strategies with the help of professionals. The process starts with asking the question: What will it take for you to age comfortably and safely in your home? A plan for aging is a strategy for maintaining control of your environment and quality of life. Aging in place is a dynamic continuum based on health and support needs, not age. Planning and discussing choices with family members can help you live independently and prevent accidents. Simple home modifications can enhance independent living and prevent debilitating accidents and falls. Changes in life and health circumstances necessitate home modifications or a move to more suitable living arrangements.

There are 4 factors to consider when making a SAFE plan for aging in place.


  1. Safety:

    Does the home have elements that present risk? (examples: dim lighting, steep stairs, no hand rails, clutter, frayed wiring or structural problems etc.)

  2. Access:

    Proximity to family and friends? Is isolation an issue? Is entry awkward for the home or other areas? Are cabinets, closets, appliances & storage accessible?

  3. Fits:

    Does the house still meet your needs? Can you handle the repair and maintenance necessary in maintaining your home?

  4. Ease of Use:

    Can doors and hallways accommodate a walker of a wheelchair? Can home features be added or modified?

The Good Life

The Good Life’s inherent sense of purpose is made up of Focus and Vision.


Focus is knowing and concentrating on the most important things in life; time with family and friends, physical and mental health, and financial security.

Vision Gives us clarity about the path to the Good Life.


About Us:

Karen Moreau
Senior Real Estate Specialist
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Educating, evaluating, and serving seniors in their housing needs.

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Senior Real Estate Specialist
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We are your housing professionals. We are able to take care of your Real Estate needs when you are ready to make a transition. We help you be where Y O U want to be.